The Number Zero


Others have paid as much as $3000 for the Original “Number Zero” Masterpiece.  However, IKARE has worked out an exclusivity with Vincent Soun to bring a piece of heaven into your home at earthly prices. 


Inscribed on a stone tablet, “The Çaka era has reached 605 on the fifth day of the waning moon…” provides evidence of the earliest use of the number zero in the world.  Today, the stone tablet sits at the National Museum in Cambodia. 

By marrying digital animation with the tranquility surrounding the Angkor Wat, Vincent Soun creates a Masterpiece that brings a piece heaven into your home.  Some scholars and archeologists believe the Angkor Wat was a recreation of Mt. Meru — the location of Heaven on Earth.  Others believe it is where the story of the Garden of Eden may have originated when the modern day North Pole was a tropical paradise.  Whether Mt. Meru existed on the North Pole; near Mt. Himalaya; or rise amongst the highest mountains in Tanzania, Africa — NOW you can add a piece of heaven to any home decor. 

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