PRESERVING stories and history by individuals who care!

Discover a Museum of Heaven On Earth®

Imagine a museum built entirely by contributing volunteers!

In June 2015 IKARE® built the National Khmer Legacy Museum.  It is the "first and only" Cambodian museum in the world where stories and history are preserved by Khmer individuals ( and loving friends ) who care to share with the world community.  Through our Heaven On Earth® public exhibitions, festivals, and educational presentations we take visitors on a journey about the worst and best of humanity.  From the founding of a People whose culture, language, and civilization rooted on building a Heaven on Earth; to the Hell on Earth ( year zero genocide ) of the 1970s; to the resilience of survivors to rebuild --- Come experience 2000 Years of history in 30 minutes! 

Visitors can learn about the world's largest arts and cultural monument ( ANGKOR WAT );  the world's earliest evidence of the use of the number ZERO; and the most developed nation in the world before North and South America continents were even discovered. 

Come discover why we call it a Museum of Heaven On Earth® at the National Khmer Legacy® Museum -- A proud project of the IKARE®.

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