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May was a “kick butt” month for our Khmer artists

The fun began on May 2 at the annual Festival of Nations and ended May 26 with the screening of the film Surviving Bokator at the National Khmer Legacy Museum. Tharoth Sam Oum showed us she could kick butts and still presented the lost martial art of Bokator as a worldclass professional and role model.   […]

One full week from Former Assistant Dean of Harvard Law School to Muslim Rice Artist

One full week that includes Former Assistant Dean of Harvard Law School, MN State Senator, Buddhist Abbot, Muslim Rice Artist, Christian Supporters,and big smiles.    Our Board Member, Steve Young, brings MN State Senator Fong Her to visit the National Khmer Legacy Museum. Kingdom of the Lotus warms the hearts of supporters.   Kimeng Tom […]

“Heaven On Earth” is now a registered Mark of IKARE!

Did you know that the Khmer people attempted to build a HEAVEN ON EARTH?  The evidence can be seen all over SE Asia in the thousands of temples, antiquities, and other inscriptions from the Angkorian era. IKARE and National Khmer Legacy Museum is proud to be the registered owner of this Mark as we continue […]

Please, help us welcome the new Khmer Ambassador in Washington, DC

His Excellency Chum Sounry, came across as a pleasant and passionate man who wills to connect with the Khmer communities in America.  In fact, it was amongst the first sentences out of his mouth with Managing Director of IKARE, Kosol Sek, at the April 7 Khmer New Year and welcoming ceremony for the new Ambassador […]

Lovin’ USA tour struck the hearts of State Department staff and Former Ambassador William Heidt.

  This may be  the first time ever that a Khmer fundraising event has been attended by a Khmer loving U.S. Ambassador and State Department people who helped to make dreams come true for our artists Yorn Young and Sou Siryka and our volunteers at IKARE and National Khmer Legacy Museum. So many people to […]

Meet IKARE’s new Executive Director

  From Year Zero to Success in America.  Her Biography and experience in community development qualifies her well as Executive Director of IKARE and the National Khmer Legacy Museum.  My name is Sokunthea Bentley.  I resettled in the United States as a refugee at the age of seven.  In mid-April 1975, my father was murdered […]

Party to protect street children

When Ouk Vanday reached out to us to sponsor street children to have an education at his Coconut School, we couldn’t say no.  Instead of handing 4000 Riels ( about $1 ) to children on the streets, the Coconut School approach would offer English and computer skills training without charge. Would you say NO to […]

Managing Director of IKARE Testify to include Khmer as a Holiday!

Managing Director of IKARE testifying for inclusion of the Khmer people as a Holiday in Minnesota at the Capital.   Share This:

Learning Khmer has never been easier — ONLINE!

Yan Roeun is a Khmer American with a dream.  A dream of reviving the Khmer language to Khmer children living Abroad and those who survived the genocide without the opportunity to learn the Khmer language.  Yan is also an IKARE volunteer who seldom misses a day to be a part of bringing hope to vulnerable […]


Joe and George from the U of M Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center came for a visit yesterday. Topic: Collaborating with the University on genocide conversations.  Coincidentally, Wanny Huynn, a motivational speaker and author also stopped by. Topic: How can we bring hope to those without?   Share This:

IKARE 2018: How we grew from 300 to over 1 million!

From all of us at IKARE, we wish you a happy new year! Please find below our end of year report for 2018: In English Language: ជាភាសាខ្មែរ។ Share This:

Giving Back to Children and families living on dumpsites

Some of these children have never received a Christmas or Holiday gift in their entire life.  Most have not had a clean meal to eat.  Perhaps the filthiest and poorest place in Cambodia, Steung Meanchhey was where Eam Vanny, Yorn Young, Khan James, Sou Siryka, Prak Kounthea, Leng Vengna, Marain Sophea, and orphan musician volunteers […]

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