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Buth Seyha Fighting Back With More Music

He’s back!!!! And he’s better than ever. Share This:

Bringing archery and Kantreom to the 2018 Festival of Nations

Going Beyond Archery and Kantreom at the 2018 Festival of Nations Her fans know her as the Queen of Kantreom.  But most people don’t know that she has a Masters Degree in Community Development. His friends and fans know him as a nature’s guy who loves sporting activities. But most people don’t know that he […]

Chicken Dancing Comes to Long Beach

The Official After Party For the Khmer New Year Celebration in Long Beach, California. Share This:

From Street Scavenging to Cultural Preservation: Phounam Pin Never Stops Dreaming.

From street children to cultural preservation, Phounam Pin is on the road to greatness. We could not have been more proud of a more ecstatic and fantastic young Khmer. See her interview at the 25 minute time slot below: Share This:

How East Speaks West

CLICK HERE FOR Phnom Penh Post STORY. From big buildings to amazing feelings, Teang Borin ( aka DIN ) translates 3000 years of rich history through contemporary paintbrushes.  Come meet him in person at the 2018 Festival of Nations at the St. Paul RiverCenter, May 3-6.         Pink Apsara. Share This:

Khmer arts and world heritage now on Google

Visit the Angkor Wat and its surrounding from your computer. Click Here for the Best of Angkor’s surrounding area from street view Google Map. Share This:

KhmerTV interview with Rabee and IKARE

Special interview on KhmerTV about the purpose of Rabee’s USA Tour and her relationship with IKARE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BKeTpdPz5Y Share This:

Meet the 2018 National Khmer Legacy Museum’s contemporary artist, Mr. Din Teangborin

Din is a top ten contemporary artist in Cambodia. The National Khmer Legacy Museum is delighted to invite him and exhibit his works at the Festival of Nations Khmer cultural booth. This year, Din will express the Evolution of the Number Zero (Uses of Number Zero from Ancient Civilization to Present Day ) to align […]

Good bye Gungnam Style…Hello Chicken Dance

Rabee Interview with Chamnap NayArticle by Sabay News Great coverage by Sabay News in Cambodia. Over 10 million views on Youtube in just two weeks, Rabee is becoming an international sensation.   http://news.sabay.com.kh/article/1027643 IKARE is proud to promote her USA concert tour to support the National Legacy Museum and the many projects that we have […]

License plate and burial rights for Khmer Veterans

In 2014, the IKARE ( then known as IKA ) spearheaded a nation’s first initiative to recognize the Khmer and SE Asian Veterans in Minnesota and the United States Senate. This morning, Managing Director Kosol Sek, met with Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee and State Representative Bob Dettmer  to discuss a bill that will […]

Welcome soon to America Rabee!

Rabee was scheduled to depart at around midnight to the United States of March 15. We forgot to make it clear that 12:05 AM meant she had to get to the airport by 10 PM of March 14. Not 10PM of March 15. The handsome guy in the IKARE shirt is Soklim our program coordinator […]

Our Friends from St. Cloud State University

Hedy just returned from Cambodia after teaching at the American University in Phnom Penh for six months. She stopped by with a friend to say hi this past weekend, and showed us some great photos. Welcome home Hedy. Share This:

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