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"to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger." -- Dictionary.com


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"to encourage or support something, or to help something become successful:" -- Cambridge Dictionary

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Cambodian Genocide Survivors In Minnesota

After 40 years in America, where are they now? Much thanks to the Center for Genocide and Holocaust Studies at the University of Minnesota for the invitation to talk about the past, present and future of Cambodian genocide survivors. Share This:

IKARE to Host “Virtual Khmer New Year 2020” Featuring Inspiring Role Models Globally!

The Cambodian People lost our Khmer New Year on April 17, 1975. Since then being Khmer or Cambodian meant we needed to be following or learning from others because we had lost everything. On April 18, 2020 we are making history with a virtual Khmer New Year. We will not let Covid-19 cancel or postpone […]

Stay Home Khmer New Year 2020!

To all our friends in Cambodia who are facing a travel restriction and our friends around the globe facing the #CoronaVirus: We live in uncertain times. However there is one thing that is 100% certain in life. That is we can extend hope to people nearest to us and to each other. Which is why […]

When social distancing meets caring!

IKARE and Phoenix Cove Adult DayCenter teams up to deliver meals so that our Elders do not have to compete in the grocery lines. Yes. We can be cautious and mindful of the CoronaVirus, but we never stop caring! Share This:

IKARE turns the CoronaVirus situation into a learning opportunity for virtual programming!

Our Name is IKARE: Let’s donate ourselves to make a difference to “march on” as we prevail during the current CoronaVirus uncertainty. As the spread of COVID-19 has reached pandemic levels, we have been thinking of one of our core values at IKARE. “It starts with ‘I’. This value is about humility, strength, and relieving […]

IKARE & Phoenix Adult Care Center Welcome Lunar New Year 2020!

Join us for the Lunar New Year on Feb. 1, 2020 as the IKARE and Phoenix Adult Da awwy Center welcome the New Year with our Seniors. Free Admission. Live Music. Fun. Prizes. Friendship. Share This:

How To Reverse The Cambodian Genocide

Welcome to the National Khmer Legacy Museum. We are the only museum of and about the Khmer people that educates about the entire history of the Cambodian genocide survivors. Share This:

sharing the Khmer experience with our Norwegian Friends

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Undiscovered Killing Fields Reflection From A Minnesota Best

Diane Berthel is a Board Member Emeritus at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS); a friend of our friends at Alight; and someone whose retirement mandates fulfilling a humanitarian journey from Cambodia to Rawanda; From Saint Paul to Tanzania.   Diane was kind and “karing” to have introduced Managing Director of IKARE, Mr. Kosol Sek, to […]

Genocide educators tour the Khmer museum

These teachers came to tour our museum as part of the University of Minnesota Center for Genocide and Holocaust Studies with questions about the Khmer people. They left with a renewed sense of the definition of Cambodian culture, language, arts, and history.   Share This:

Ideation with ALIGHT

A brainstorming session with our friends from Alight on how to better understand the needs and potentials of new Americans. Share This:

African American Registry Meets Khmer History

This man said, “There is no love without respect.” YEP, he’s correct, that’s why we are working to earn the respect from the International Community. His name is Benjamin and he is the Executive Director of the African American Registry. He paid a surprise visit to inquire about connecting the African community with the history […]

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