The Angkor Wat: Heaven Capital


Others have paid as much as $2700 for the Original “Angkor Wat:  Heaven Capital” Masterpiece.  However, IKARE has worked out an exclusivity with Vincent Soun to bring a piece of heaven into your home at earthly prices. 


For two consecutive years the ANGKOR WAT is rated the #1 Landmark Monument in the world by Travel Advisor.  By marrying digital animation with the awe of the Angkor Wat, Vincent Soun creates a Masterpiece that brings a piece heaven into your home.  Some scholars believe the Angkor Wat is a recreation of Mt. Meru — the location of Heaven on Earth.  Others believe it is where the story of the Garden of Eden may have originated when the modern day North Pole was a tropical paradise.  Whether Mt. Meru existed on the North Pole; near Mt. Himalaya; or rise amongst the highest mountains in Tanzania, Africa — NOW you can add a piece of heaven to any home decor. 

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