Lovin’ USA tour struck the hearts of State Department staff and Former Ambassador William Heidt.


This may be  the first time ever that a Khmer fundraising event has been attended by a Khmer loving U.S. Ambassador and State Department people who helped to make dreams come true for our artists Yorn Young and Sou Siryka and our volunteers at IKARE and National Khmer Legacy Museum.

So many people to thank for the critical role they played in making this possible. And thank you to VOA for welcoming Yorn and Siryka to be on air. Most importantly, a biggest thank you to Bong Kunthary and her husband Edumund who you will find in the photos below working behind the scenes to take photos and videos for us. Thank you Auntie Narin from Watt Maryland and all the members of Cambodian Community Day, CLA, KMMB. And also friends who drove hours to show your support.

It’s not possible to express how much love we received. And all that I can say is THANK YOU. 


DC is worldclass.



A most sincere thanks to Bong Kunthary and Family for hosting our guests and coordinating the fundraising event for a most enjoyable evening.    


“It was such an honor to see our fundraising event with Yorn Young and Sou Siryka attended by former U.S. Ambassador William Heidt and and State Department People in DC.  It’s the highest recognition that Khmer artists and organizations can receive in the United States.” — Kosol Sek, IKARE Managing Director.


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