License plate and burial rights for Khmer Veterans

In 2014, the IKARE ( then known as IKA ) spearheaded a nation's first initiative to recognize the Khmer and SE Asian Veterans in Minnesota and the United States Senate. This morning, Managing Director Kosol Sek, met with Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee and State Representative Bob Dettmer  to discuss a bill that will allow the Khmer and SE Asian veterans the right to a Vietnam War Veteran license plate and burial rights at Fort Snelling. To bring this to fruition it will be necessary for the men and women who sacrificed in defense of the U.S. armed forces to come together and work towards a common goal. This project is set to begin in the next legislative session. A passage of this bill would recognize and reciprocate the good will of all SE Asian veterans who fought for the values that all of America enjoy today in the war against communism of the 1960-70s. Please share this message and encourage all Khmer and SE Asian veterans to take part to uphold and continue the dignity they deserve.

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