Stay Home Khmer New Year 2020!

To all our friends in Cambodia who are facing a travel restriction and our friends around the globe facing the #CoronaVirus:

We live in uncertain times.

However there is one thing that is 100% certain in life. That is we can extend hope to people nearest to us and to each other.

Which is why we are moving forward with our #StayHomeKhmerNewYear on April 18 from 10AM to 10PM.

As humans we need each other. We need comfort. We need strength during unpredictable times.

Join us on the IKARE Facebook Page on April 18 from 10AM to 10PM ( Central USA TIME ) as we feature 15 inspiring role models to share their stories around the world. And most importantly to share how they are staying safe. Staying home. Staying hopeful. Throughout!

Remember we’ve changed from April 11 to April 18. Spend your day with the most inspiring individuals in the Khmer community.

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