IKARE turns the CoronaVirus situation into a learning opportunity for virtual programming!

Our Name is IKARE:

Let’s donate ourselves to make a difference to “march on” as we prevail during the current CoronaVirus uncertainty.

As the spread of COVID-19 has reached pandemic levels, we have been thinking of one of our core values at IKARE. “It starts with ‘I’. This value is about humility, strength, and relieving the pains for others’, not just one’s own. It’s about taking responsibility for problems, sharing in success, and recognizing that together, we are better. And we’ve realized that there’s an opportunity for us to use this value to impact not just the culture at IKARE, but the world, and to continue marching on…”

COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a challenging and uncertain time for everyone as we begin to understand the impact to upcoming programming and funding opportunities. Supporting causes and the social issues facing our Khmer and SE Asian community is core to IKARE — in fact, they are our reason for being — so we’re reaching out to provide details on actions we think might assist in moving forward during this unprecedented event.

The IKARE takes heed of the recommendations set forth by the Centers For Disease Control, and Federal and State Government agencies to pause all community events and meetings until further notice.

During the next few weeks, the IKARE volunteers will be focusing on “in the business” work to protect and preserve our museum stories and inventory. We will be preparing for the Festival of Nations currently scheduled for April 28- May 3 as well as taking into consideration the lessons learnt from the current pandemic on future efforts to embrace social distancing with virtual services and programming.

For this reason, the Khmer Angkorian New Year scheduled for April 11 will be postponed. A future date will be published in the weeks ahead.

While our public and community events will be paused, the IKARE will remain active in sponsoring educational and Elderly support programs in Cambodia.

Thank you for your continuing support. At IKARE, from our Directors to our supporters and donors, we contribute to the mission and vision of protecting, preserving, and promoting the legacy of the Cambodian genocide survivors and their children. Our name. Our mission. Our Vision. Starts with “I.”

Have a safe break!


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