Saturday, June 30: Come celebrate our museum’s 3rd Anniversary with Jane Saijai; Queen of Kantreoum

On the behalf of all our volunteers and helpers from around the world, the IKARE wishes to invite you and your family to be a part of the 3rd year anniversary celebration of the museum.
From a humble beginning to priding ourselves as an independent institution powered by the sheer love and care of its members, supporters and volunteers, the museum continues on its founding principle and vision that the Cambodian diaspora rightfully earns and demands a world class recognition ---Perhaps as the most ambitious and hopeful culture the world has ever had.

From its founding desires to recreate a "Heaven on Earth" to falling to "Year Zero," the Khmer people is a People of ambition, hope, and resilience. Please, come join us this Saturday, June 30 as we celebrate a 3rd year anniversary with the Singer Artist and Queen of Kantreom, Ms. Jane Saijai. She sings in Khmer, Lao, and Thai language. And is a proud IKARE Ambassador for the Khmer Surin people everywhere.

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