Learning Khmer has never been easier — ONLINE!

Yan Roeun is a Khmer American with a dream.  A dream of reviving the Khmer language to Khmer children living Abroad and those who survived the genocide without the opportunity to learn the Khmer language.  Yan is also an IKARE volunteer who seldom misses a day to be a part of bringing hope to vulnerable children and bringing the Khmer arts to life.  

When he approached us in 2018 for help, we had no option ( no budget ) but to delay consideration for his project.  We estimated that it would cost a minimum of $60,000 to bring Yan’s dream to fruition.  However after a few fundraising projects by the Khmer community in Minnesota including the UCAM and KYCC it was proven that Yan had a burning desire to make Khmer language learning possible.

IKARE is delighted and honored to be a main sponsor of the Learn Khmer Online project.  In the weeks ahead new features that include Speaking and Translating will be available.  ONLINE.



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4 thoughts on “Learning Khmer has never been easier — ONLINE!

    1. Please stay tuned for more details. The Learn Khmer Online platform will be the first from start to finish tool for learning Khmer.

  1. This is such an amazing and wonderful tool for the next generation Cambodians. I have been longing to learn how to read and write Khmer for the longest and started to learn from a friend and on my own. My New Year resolution, was to read and write Khmer plus teach my children . Now I have this wonderful tool to help me . With the most deepest gratitude I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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