We are proud to bring a continuing educational and entertaining program call ANGKORIAN -- part theater and part performing arts about peace and unity to local schools and public venues throughout the United States.

Whether you support IKARE through a donation or purchase of product or service, you recognize that the arts have historically played a vital role in Cambodia’s development --The largest arts and cultural monument in the world is the ANGKOR WAT in Siem Riep, Cambodia.

A culture founded on the hopes and ambition of building a "heaven on earth," there is much more to the people of Cambodia than the “Killing Fields”.  Influenced by religions of peace and unity, the Khmer people developed a unique style of dance, music, and art.   Masterpieces were carved into the walls of famous structures like Angkor Wat that depicted life within this massive empire and through music and dance, stories of fable and history could be told in a universal language that speaks to the soul. In the mid-20th century, musical artists like Sin Sisamouth would lead Cambodian music into the modern age, an age that was too short lived because he, his music, and many of his peers perished during the darkest period in Cambodian history, a period where the arts were seen as an evil that needed to be destroyed. For many decades after this dark period ended, the arts remained in the shadows but now it’s time to bring it back to the limelight and IKARE has committed itself to this task. Throughout the year, we have planned events to promote the many talents and contribution of the Khmer people.

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