The Art of Giving by Kosol

Kosology for Nov. 1, 2016.  Kick-starting an early Holiday season on Unconditional charity.

A lady from New York calls me up and asks of she could make a donation valued at about $10,000.  It’s not money.  She does not want her name attached or displayed.  In fact, she does not even want her photo taken with the donation.  I was shocked, but welcomed her heart.

So after some due diligence we made a decision to arrange for her donation at the museum.

Reflection:  It’s amazing that there are still people who hold this paradigm in the midst of a world where the richest people ( in America ) fuss over $20 donations.  It is a rejuvenation of hope of the common good from those who share the goal of preserving the best of Khmer without asking for anything in return.

I don’t know where she lives.  I’ve never met her before.  And I don’t even know her name.  I am okay with her charity without diving into what, when, where, why, how, or who.

In contrast, not long ago I met a different woman with a different take on charity.  She felt that “the government” had unlimited money to help the Khmer community.  And that the Khmer leaders were all crooks and cons who have been taking names and phone numbers of supporters to claim money without providing services or values to the community.  I politely explained to her that I don’t know her experience in life, but it is an insult when she groups her experience as absolute.  And it is an insult to the common good to try so hard to equalize the charity of others to her life experience.  If we witnessed one man stealing a car, it does not mean all men steal cars.  To spend an entire life distrusting all men would be a waste of life in general.  Needless to share, her emotional eruption and animosity was an embarrassment.  A well qualified health professional would categorize her behavior as a mental illness, and I was appreciative when at the end witnessed her make a personal apology.  However, while I am grateful and honored by her transformation, it is the kind of conduct which as a community we must work together to clean up and steer away from damaging the integrity of all.

Nonetheless, it is amazing to see the contrast between the varying level of charity across the community.  While on the left we must address the psycho somatic illnesses of hidden fears, distrust, and occasional animosity from self devaluation between individuals, on the right there is evidence that some have crossed the barrier of doubt, devaluation, and mental distress of the 40 year genocide.

Charity is a combination of goodwill and freewill.  Charity is never required.  However, if u are not able to offer charity or accept charity, at the minimum kindly avoid speaking ILL of others who are able to give or accept.

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